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Tech Events

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Our Fantastic Team

We’re a team of developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts who are dedicated to building the best products possible for our customers. With backgrounds in everything from large corporations, to management consultancies, to startups and more, our experience is unparalleled.


CEO & Business Lead

Loves microphones. Always geared up for a good pitch. Never get’s invited to karaoke anymore…


Full-stack Developer & Designer

Meets every tech challenge head on. He’s done work for more startups than most dev’s have written lines of code.


iOS Developer & Designer

Default answer to tech every question: “That’s easy. I can do that.” He’s not lying either…


Android Developer

Meets every tech challenge head on, firing out Android apps faster than nobody’s business.


Backend Developer

Backend hero – databases and API’s quiver in his wake.


SprintFire Intern

HTML & CSS ninja, bad script isn’t safe from her console and keyboard.


SprintFire Intern

JavaScript guru with deep hybrid dev skills. But still needs a nap after lunch.


SprintFire Intern

Loves fonts. Mad for photos. And don’t even get him started about high bitrate audio!


On occasion, we believe so strongly in a founding team that we like to put ‘skin in the game’.

In these instances, we partner with an early-stage startup and invest by building the first version of their product line for an equity share in the business.

We’ve found this to be hugely advantageous to non-tech founders, who typically don’t have the resources required – nor the necessity –  to hire a development team to build their product vision. Through experience, we’ve also seen non-tech entrepreneurs resort to cheap, offshore, outsourced development, only to find that a deal that way too good to be true turned out to be just that.

Instead, SprintFire tech investments bridge the gaps for high potential, early-stage startups that are resource restricted and not yet technologically conversant in the required infrastructure to spark their concepts into life.

SprintFire tech investments deliver top quality tech products to your prospective market in as short a period of time as possible, setting your business up for success from Day 1.

For more information on SprintFire tech investments and to discuss your concept, please contact us.

You Deserve a Great Team!