Gymr is a mobile app that allows users to browse, review and purchase passes to fitness classes, gym day passes, and personal trainer sessions all with just a couple of clicks from their phone. While Gymr opens up a world of fitness freedom to users, the app is also great for trainers and gym owners, ensuring their classes and facilities are always filled with happy clients and customers.

Project scope

End-to-end, full-stack development of the entire Gymr product and platform.


The development of the Gymr app required that SprintFire develop an intuitive, visually appealing, and enjoyable app for users to explore and purchase passes from. An equal challenge existed on the supplier side as we needed to build a web-based platform through which gym owners and personal trainers could upload their classes with photos and all pertinent details – all of which would be shown to users on the core app. As such, we SprintFire needed to create a two-sided marketplace through which the buyers (general public) and the suppliers (gym owners/ personal trainers) could market and trade with each from.


In less than 90 days, SprintFire built fully native Android and iOS consumer facing Gymr apps for fitness enthusiasts to use and purchase passes from. We also built and deployed a simple web app platform that allowed owners to upload their classes, payment details, profiles, class spaces, facility details, and credentials, etc with all of this displayed and editable through a combination of form views and a calendar view.


iOS App, Android App, Web app for gym admins.

App website landing page, Facebook login, voucher discount codes, mass emails, push notifications, Play Store SEO, Crashlytics, Parse database, calendar functions, Google Maps API geolocation services and search, PayPal payment gateway integration.

Languages & Platforms

Java, Swift, PHP, Parse


  • Startup Weekend 2015 winner
  • Dublin Beta 2015 winner
  • Start Tel Aviv 2015 shortlisted
  • Client Gymr
  • Date March 17, 2014
  • Tags Android, iOS, Mobile App, Web Development
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